G r e e n T r a n s



Accounting is the core of any business, Logistics / Transport is considered one of the most complex business around the world because it is un-organized sector. From booking till delivery or at any stage transporter has to incur lots of expense to complete its delivery commitment. Our software has many features of accounting from which a logistics / transport company can control their expense in much better way. Our accounting is integrated with operational activities & automatically accounting transactions are generated from operational activities. There are different modules from which expenses are controlled. Accounting module provides MIS to micro analyses income & expense. Following are the details of module:

Master Modules

Customer Contract

  • Destination Wise/State Wise /Zone Wise/City Wise
  • Goods Wise .
  • Consignor/Consignee Wise .
  • Flight Wise in Air Mode.
  • Vehicle Wise / Pckgs Wise / KM Wise / Weight Slab Rates.
  • Additional Charges .
  • Approval of Contract.

Vendor Management

  • Vendor Grouping
  • Vendor Creation .

General Ledgers

  • Creation of Main Groups
  • Creation of Sub Groups .
  • Creation of Ledgers (Income/Expense other General Ledger) .
  • Creation of Sub Ledger Group & Sub Ledger .

Accounts Receivable


  • Booking Bill (as per Customer Contract)
  • Delivery Bill (Bill on Delivery) .
  • Other / Miscellaneous Bills .
  • Supplementary Bills.
  • Department Wise Billing .
  • Bill Submission .


  • Money Receipt Against Paid Booking / ToPay Delivery / Bills / On Account
  • Other Receipts .
  • PDC Cheque Deposit .
  • Reverse Money Receipt .
  • On Account Adjustment against Bills .

Credit Notes

  • Credit Note Creation with Reason
  • Credit Note Approval .

Accounts Payable

Lorry Hire Payments

  • Advance Payments
  • Balance Payments.

Party Commissions

Labour Payment

  • Advice Generation
  • Passing
  • Payment

Agency Commission

  • Booking Commission
  • Delivery Commission

Vendor Payments

  • Bill Receipt
  • Bill Passing
  • Bill Payments
  • Debit Note
  • Advance Payments
  • Advance Payment Adjustment
  • Generation of Bank Advice

Inter-Branch Transactions

Funds Transfer.

Funds Transfer Acknowledgment .

Inter Branch Debit / Credit Notes.


Branch Expenses

Cash Payment Transactions .

Approval of Cash Payment .

Other Transactions

Journal Voucher Entry.

Cash Withdrawals & Approval .

Funds Deposited in Bank .

Ledger Merging .


Multiple GST % on single invoice .

GST Reports

  • GST 1R.
  • GST 2A .
  • GST 3B.

Section wise TDS Setup

  • TDS Report .
  • TDS Challan Payment .

Fixed Asset

Creation of Fixed Asset Item .

Creation of Fixed Asset Block .

Transfer / Allotment of Fixed Asset Items.

Sale of Fixed Asset Items .

Fixed Asset Register.

Fixed Asset as per Company Act .

Fixed Asset as per Income Tax Law Act .

Financial MIS

Statement of Accounts .

Trial Balance .

Profit & Loss.

Balance Sheet.

Group Summary .

Outstanding Reports .

Outstanding Payments .

Age wise analsys.

Other MIS .